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Are you searching for USPS customer service number, email, complaints and live chat support? If yes, then you are at right place because in this article we will discuss on the same topic.

United States Postal Services is a Postal service which provides all the different kinds of Postal Services of people of the United States.

It started in 1775, officially organized by the United States. It also called a postal service, post office or our mail.

Today, it is the most reliable service for providing better standards of Postal services from many years. With sending mails and packages in the guaranteed time being the primary aim, USPS also has its share of productivity in providing timely service.

From 1775, which is from more than two centuries, It has satisfied the needs of its customers successfully. They serve until today because their primary objective is to fulfill the requirements of customers at its best.

They also provide the modern amenities regarding technology and planning. So now they have over 211,000 vehicles and 617,000 employees and become the most significant vehicle fleet in the world.

It is said that USPS is the best in the USA for providing mailing facilities to the customers in terms its specialized efforts in every area of postal service.

Customer Service:

For any complaints and queries, you can contact to Usps. There are different methods available. You can contact them according to your need. They are:

Method 1: Using Basic Contact Information

USPS Customer Care Number

  1. Before you contact live person confirm that your answers are not already given in FAQ section. This section includes questions like:
  • How does informed delivery work?
  • How do I pay for PO Box?
  • When is the next postal holiday?
  • What do I change my address?
  • How much does first-class mail cost?

But, if you are worried about how do you call USPS customer service representative then check 2nd one.

  1. If you have any urgent query related your packages then connect customer support from the number given below and talk with a live representative:
  • 1 (800) 275 8777
  • Note: call on this number between 8 AM-8:30 PM EST (Mondays to Friday) or 8AM-6PM EST (Saturdays). On Sunday, Customer service remains closed.
  • For the matters which are less urgent, you can also email customer service with mail tracking number.
  1. If you want to talk real person at USPS then for any technical queries related website or online mailing call on technical support number: 1 800 344 7779 or mail on
  2. If you any suggestions or comments or suggestions for improving the USPS service from our experience, then fill the online feedback form from the link given below:

  • You can choose to offer compliments, problems, suggestions, or general information to fill it. Provide your email and phone number to hear back from the representative.

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Method 2:  Requesting Refunds

  1. To get national priority mail refunds visit your local post office as USPS offers full returns for priority mail services if you are not pleased with their standards. You can request a refund for postage within 30 days of initial purchase. For priority mail refunds, make your request at a nearby post office as you cannot send a request via email or phone.
  • For that first find a post office near you, at the following link:!input.action

  • For International priority mail refunds, you can connect to USPS customer care number: 1 800 222 1811 within 30 days of the mailing date.
  1. For shipping label refunds you can Contact tech support. All usable shipping labels are getting refunds within 30 days of their print date by logging from the link below and canceling your order.

  • If 30 days passed from the transaction date, but it is less than 60 days, then contact technical support to cancel your order. For that, you need your username, account number, label number, and transaction number/date.
  1. For PO Box returns, Contact the Customer Care Center. If you have keys to your PO Box, you can cancel your order from the link given below:

  • If you don’t have keys, call the Customer Care Center on 1-800-222-1811 within 30 days of the original payment date.
  • If you don’t have an urgency within 30 days, then you can mail tech support for a refund request.
  1. For in-store purchase refunds, Visit your local post office.
  • If you purchased any item from your local post office and wanted a refund, directly visit the post office, from where you bought the item. To check the USPS return and exchange policies from the link given below:

  • Keep in mind, when you go for refund kindly take your slip with you as proof of buying.

ups tracking phone number & live chat 

Method 3: Filing Claims

  1. For missing mail, first, submit a search request. If your package has not reached to you within seven business days after its expected arrival, submit a missing mail search request from the link given below:

  • After filling this form, It will send an update about their search and send your package to the address you provide. This form required information like size/type of container shipped, sender address, description of the contents, recipient address, and the USPS tracking phone number, mailing date.
  • If you used Priority Mail to send and after this, your parcel is still missing, they will pay your refund.
  1. If mail is missing or damaged and it is uninsured, in that case, It will offer is a missing mail search. But insured mail is entitled to indemnity claim and get a refund. So if you want a refund, first insured it.
  • Depending on domestic or international, you will need to follow different steps or wait for a particular period. To get more information on this goes to
  1. To file domestic claims, go to the link below:

  • Now login to your account and enter all necessary information like a Tracking number, shipping date, and reason for filing a claim.
  • Note: If your items were lost or damage then describe the condition of at the time you received and enter the refund amount you request in a claim form.
  • A proof for refund value is required for that attach a JPEG or PDF file that approves the item’s worth.
  1. To file an international claim, it requires coordination with foreign postal services. For that write down your 13-digit tracking number and fill out the same number of online form same as domestic shipments.
  • Then It will then contact their foreign postal service and confirm details and a refund amount.
  • Note: Only the U.S. sender can raise an international claim. If you are the receiver, contact U.S. sender for filling the online form.

Even you have queries other than this then go to its official website  and select the last option HELP.

Other than above these, there are other two kinds of services that stand among the exclusive services offered by the company. They are as follows:

CAPS- Account Processing System centralized: 

It is an electronic postage payment system, which offers advertising business at a suitable and cost-effective rate and you have to pay electronically for legal Permit way for Merchandise Return Service, Business Reply Mail, insufficient postage, correction direction element and USPS Corporate Account.

Business e-Services Network Service:

It is a service of the Web art program that let customers National Premier Account and to enter and over survey service requests online.

Also, to communicating with a representative by phone BSN, all these customers can now oversee service requests online 24/7 hours of a week.

USPS Operation Hours:

  • For Monday-Friday 8 AM to 8:30 PM ET
  • For Saturday 8 AM-6PM ET

Customers can even directly contact through email or website with the consultants for any worries regarding the services and queries. For that Visit its official website,

Track and confirm customer service:

Step 1:

  • Customers can also track their post and confirm customer services by calling to the number given below:

1 800 222 1811.

Step 2:

  • After making a call, they will ask for confirmation regarding ‘tracking and confirmation related service to check the delivery status. If you want this information, then say yes.

Step 3:

  • If you want other info like order shipping supplies or other services, then say that and then track and confirm it form USPS customer executive.

USPS Technical Support – Toll-Free Number

It is the United States Postal Service offers the customer support and technical support in technical traits. Customers can directly speak with the experts for Technical support from the number given below:

USPS Technical Support number: 1 800 344 7779.

USPS Priority Customer Service email:

If you want to confirm delivery using a confirmation number, then say confirm delivery. For pricing say get prices, for require any other information say the main menu. And at last, confirm the delivery.

FAST- Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking:

  • 877 569 6614

USPS Mail Tracking & Reporting:

  • 800 238 3150


For a suitable and fast way to order large numbers of stamps for your business, contact them at:

1-800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724) or

Email at:

In the event of ‘PostalOne’ services, you can connect USPS from the number below:

(800) 522-9085

Email at:

Customer service in general for the other customer, contact from below:

USPS Address: 475 L’Enfant Plz SW Washington, DC

USPS Email Id:

CAPS Service support:

Customers holding the covers can contact the representative on a number:

650 3771334 

Or mail on

FAST- Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking

Contact number /Customer Service number: 877 569 6614


Electronic Tracking and Reporting

Confirm from number: (800) 238 3150


Entry Information number: (800) 238 3150


Surface plot Performance contact: (877) 264 9693

Here is the list of contact numbers, via your problem can be resolved:

Customer Care Number 1 800 275 8777 
USPS Tracking Customer Care Toll-Free Number 1 800 222 1811
Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) 877 569 6614
Mail Tracking & Reporting (800) 238 3150
Parcel Select Ground Performance (877) 264 9693
Postal One Customer Care Number (800) 522 9085
Stamp Now 1 800 STAMP 24 ( 800 782 6724 )
Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) Email
Entry Information Email
Postal One Care Email
Stamp Now Email


It is all about USPS customer service number, email and complains helpline. After reading this, you have any doubts then ask us in the comment box. Share this information with your friends and family members. Please give your valuable feedback and suggestions for an improvement. Thank you for reading.

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